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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  October 12, 2014 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> i feel ya. >> everybody needs a practice marriage. >> okay. thanks so much for joining uls. cavuto on business coming upright now. ebola? our southern border? are they connected? one of our top military leaders say think again. i'm in for neil cavuto. head of the southern command sounding the alarm on a potentially alarming situation. >> if oboe la breaks out in haiti or central america, it is in terms of mass migration of central americans into the united states. so, these populations will move to either run away from ebola or, if they have been or are in
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the fear of having been infected, go to the united states to be taken care of. >> if he's worried about the border, we should secure the border. our panel is with us. gary, how about the novel idea of securing the border? >> the number one function of the government, charles, is to protect and defend the country, its borders and its people. the job is just not getting done. in the last year, tens of thousands of men, women and children across the rio grande untouched into border control stations. they are welcome here. what would happen if this disease crosses? when the head of the southern command says something about it, somebody better listen. i'm not hearing a lot of people listening. >> it wasn't just him. ben, earlier this week on your world, we had a border agent asked about security at the
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border and how prepared we are. listen to what he had to say. >> we caught an individual from east africa, which is not from the zone where it's concentrated, but there is some type of threat there and, you know, the quarantine area set up is traffic phone and caution tape. border control management thought that was sufficient. >> ben, someone may have ebola, whatever, they set up four traffic cones and yellow tape. how good you feeling about that security measure? >> well, the chance of contracting ebola is very small, like a chance of winning the lottery. as more and more people get ebola and more and more of them flee and more and more wind up in central america, if that happens, big if, the possibilities of disaster in america are endless. i never understood why the u.s., a country with an astonishing
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amount of money cannot spend the money to secure the borders. what is stopping us from doing it? no harm can come from it. why don't we secure the borders? this is one more big reason. >> four traffic cones and yellow tape? >> at least they flagged the individual. >> we give them a check mark on that. that's not giving the rest of the story is not giving me warm and fuzzies. >> secure the border, right. to fight ebola, you have to talk allocation of resources. that means money. we have to focus on what is happening in west africa and keeping individuals who potentially have it out of the united states. that is tension of resources to people getting in the air. >> this week, they talked about checking, starting on monday checking people at certain
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airports, once they have gotten here. >> i think -- i don't think that's going to work because this has a long incubation period. i spoke to doctors about this. take all the nice things they say on tv and don't worry about it. it is not outside the range of possibilities that somebody could be weaponized with ebola and come across the border. i said this weeks ago. i still believe it. this is -- here's the thing. they say you can't catch it. it's hard to catch. it's not that hard to catch. it's not airborne, but how did that nurse in spain get it? >> new york city subway, somebody has it, they sneeze into their hand, you have a cut, touch your eye. boom. >> we have to seal the border. stop flights from that part of africa, immediately. >> adam, listen, securing the border, trying to stop it from coming in. listen, we know how porous the
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border is. this is a reason to have a greater sense of urgency. >> i think what the general said is prudent, a doomsday scenario, it's an important one. we need to consider it. i think our conversation and the tone we are taking in the conversation is trivializing the difficulty of securing the border. i mean it's thousands of miles long border. we have walls. >> is it possible to do? can the greatest country in the world do all the things you are hinting is hard to do? >> charles, the short answer is no and the long answer is man on the moon. we keep trying. hold on, let me finish. we put a man on the moon, but we can't cure the common cold. >> we have remedies for the common cold. there's no breakout -- >> we have remedies. [ inaudible ] >> let me make one more point,
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we don't try the remedies. >> let adam finish. go ahead, adam. >> of course we try. that's absurd. armed forces on the border -- i wasn't finished. we have multiple forces. should we try harder, yes. >> ben, let's go back to you on this thing. i don't think anyone in this country thinks it's impossible to take greater measures to secure the border. that is not a pipe dream, is it? >> well, the amount of money we spent on border security is small. of course we can do more. it may not be possible to stop every person from coming across. thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands come across. that can be helped. questions allocating money, it's not a trivial thing. let's have borders. >> gary, on that notion of being
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serious, taking action before it becomes an emergency. precautionary things. the first thing you learn is you have to set up the precautionary stuff first. why do we have to wait? why wait for a worst case scenario to develop when a lot of people know they have ebola and are trying to get to the medical forces? >> our government is reactionary, not proactive. three weeks ago, the president said ebola would not hit this country. now it's here. you never know. again, your err on the side of caution. a government that spends $3 trillion a year. they have the money to do something about it. there's too much talking, not enough action. >> the amount of money we spend on u.s. research on infectious diseases. it's been in decline.
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we turn to other things. itis in the moment. by the way, on the border, the department of homeland security is planning to create a southern border command to manage the resources of all that. >> why is it that every time a politician talks about building a wall along the border, people say they are mean spirited, evil. what the heck is this about? >> there's a huge degree of political correctness when protecting the border. we don't protect it enough. can you imagine if one of those kids, those central american kids had ebola, came here and housed in the conditions? what would happen then? it prevents us from putting the military on the border. >> last word to adam. >> a good point. gary made a good point, the government is too reactive. it's like trying to fight this in west africa and the general
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of our southern command is being proactive saying we need to think about this scenario. >> he's speaking out. i don't know if we are being proactive. i lied, gary get your word in. >> the people in washington say okay. the people in the states are saying we need the help and nothing is being done. >> unions fired up firing back against the left. it could have some democratic lawmakers left out in november. @?
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now, back to "cavuto on business." halt, halt! >> hey, hey, e.p.a. >> don't take our jobs away. >> are these protesters going to help take jobs away in november from democrats? union workers outside are coming out on regulations they say will hurt the coal industry and supporting congressional candidates that support them, including republicans. ben, what do you make of this? >> there's a complicated world out there about energy. hard to imagine natural gas is pouring in, it's going to replace coal. solar is going to replace coal. there's a lot of people in kentucky, west virginia, who need those coal jobs.
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they need the jobs more than they need to vote democratic. republicans are going to try to work with coal, they will work with republicans. it could be a good thing for republicans. charles, i have a sinking feeling about the republicans taking control of the senate. >> we will talk about that later. how about the outlook for the whole country? this is a huge midterm election. the polls are starting to get tight. anything like this could be a tipping point. coal is a big, big deal in the united states. >> the best paying jobs, for sure. it really goes to the white house and administration. they are in the pocket of the environmental movement. they don't care if it costs jobs. they are wind and solar. they are not for coal or natural gas because of the fracking involved. >> they take credit, though. >> look at the keystone pipeline. unions give it a thumbs up. thumbs down from the administration. >> i wonder if they are going to vote against democrats. i know a lot of union people.
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they talk a good game. >> what about west virginia, ohio? they do have, i guess you call blue dog democrat there now. it's not inconceivable. >> if you go to up state new york, it's very poor. one reason it remains poor is andrew cuomo, a democrat, won't allow fracking. that would give us thousands of jobs. yet they don't do it. yet, those union people vote democratic. i have no idea why. >> maybe you can help us out. i agree, issue after issue after issue. this might be the one. someone making $90,000 a year, doing it 20 years and the government takes their job. where are they going to go? >> let's uncomplicate things. coal bankrupt. arch coal and arch energy, stock is down 20%. much because of this
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administration's ridiculous over the top regulation that literally shut down the coal plants because they were losing money because of the higher costs. after six years, the unions are finding out what we already knew, higher taxes mandate a killed industry. it's about time. hopefully, it changes the playing field. >> will it? listen, we know there are a couple important states, a couple swing states. this might make a difference. what do you think? >> a lot of different playing fields going on here. >> what about the coal playing field. >> we need a fox alert we are doing a pro-union segment here. coal is on the way out, right? coal is on the way out regardless of what the regulations are. >> no one says it has to be. >> the fastest growing source of energy on the planet is coal. >> on the planet, not the united states. >> it's not on its way out
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naturally. the administration is pushing it out. >> it is on the way out naturally because we have better sources of energy. i'm not taking sides here. coal is dirty. it's going to decline in the united states. >> we are extracting a great deal of coal from the united states and sending it to china. i see the trains pass by my house in idaho all the time, all summer long. it's a huge, huge, huge business to mine coal and send it overseas. >> i agree. >> isn't it cynical that adam and the liberals rationalize putting people out of work because they are in a dirty industry? do you realize what you are doing? with all due respect, the government is not forcing that. you are putting people out of work. people are going hungry because of environmental policies by people like you. just level with us and admit it.
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you know, if you were being honest, you know what you would say? listen, i'll let the free market work here and coal will die a death at some point. >> we need to get the second fox news alert. go ahead adam. >> the free market is working here. i have news for you. regulation and legislation. >> the free market is not working. >> the liberal were on it, they would tax us and make -- >> see what the voters say. >> let me finish. let them use wind and solar. i am done. thank you. >> anyway, the biggest threat to our kids, swing sets? >> how lawyers are making it harder to be a kid. that's up next. here, we know nude photos were hacked, but what kind of crime was committed. why j. law wants to change the law.
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she was hacked. now she's on the attack. in the current issue of "vanity fair" oscar winner jennifer lawrence speaking out about the new scandal phone hacking, i don't have anything to say i'm sorry for. in a loving, healthy grateful relationship for you'res. either your boyfriend will look
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at porn or look at you. she's also saying, it is a section wal violation. it's disgusting. the law needs to be changed a and we need to change. why these websites are responsible. strong stuff there, ben. i understand why she's upset, but -- what part of -- feels like part of this is sort of -- not just, you know, demeaning to the entire audience or entire country, but equating leaking her photos to really harsh crimes against women? >> it's a ridiculous idea to call it a sex crime. ridiculous idea to call it a crime of any kind. there might be some civil violation involved but no kind of crime nap being said, i've been smeared by these websites. i hate it. i hate those websites that exist to make people's lives miserable. anything that can be done to slow them down short of criminal prosecution is great with me. >> obviously, we understand why she's upset, but the criticism seems to go too far. >> it's a crime.
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they were stolen. and these individuals will be prosecuted. >> they will? >> yeah. the guy who stole scarlett johansson's photo, ten years in federal prison. they will hunt these people down. then the -- >> what about the website? >> i did see them, but with the companies, the companies, like, twitter, very quick to remove these photos, and you've seen that now, her attorney sent letters to a lot of these companies, google removed the images or scrubbed the images in every way they could. the companies have moved to take them down, doing the right thing. you know what? don't take naked photos of yourself. >> two issues. the person -- the entities are, the people who stole the fougph crime. it's a felony. issue, can you put it on a website? i'm with ben with these -- these gossip websites, they're disgusting, but if we're going to start censoring what they do, it scares me. that -- i'll say this, easy solutions, even though --
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>> hang on. gary k., twitter police release itself sometimes. maybe there's a point where if they do have responsibility here? >> look, it's al gore's fault. he invented the internet. that's number one. they should be prosecuted, whoever stole the pictures. the world wide web is too big. there's no way to get rid of all of them. >> adam? >> pains me to say this but i agree with charlie and gary completely. >> all right. fox news alert number three. we're on a roll. speaking on a roll, guys, thanks to dagen and charlie you guys are fantastic. up here next, this up and down market got you turned upside-down? stock experts are here to straighten you out with their steady picks.
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steady stocks for an unsteady time. gary? >> when the market goes defensive you get defensive. procter & gamble, big it is recession-rezircht aresistant i a tough environment. >> what do you have? >> utilities xlu, charles. go for steady dividends in uncertain times. >> ben? >> japan has been hit so hard. such a smart, resilient people. ewj, i like that one too. thanks, guys. appreciate it.
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catch me on the fox business network, "making money with charles payne" 6:00 p.m. monday through friday. for now, dave asman on a place for business, fox. isis, ebola, obamacare, the va, some of the things members of the president's own party say have been mismanaged. >> i think the last two years have been a lot of mixed messages in terms of what the united states' role will be. >> do you think the obama administration has done a good job handling the ebola crisis? >> um -- we blew it when it came to the rollout of the >> mr. president, we need urgency, roll up your sleeves and get into these hospitals. >> those are all democrats, folks. not republicans. so is it time for our commander in chief to take a lesson in management from our chief executives? hi,


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